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Mixtape Potluck: Music and Recipe Inspiration

"Mixtape Potluck: A Dinner Party for Friends, Their Recipes, and the Songs They Inspire is easily the most engaging cookbook that I have read. From the clever concept to the successful implementation of that concept, the cookbook is both a delight to read and is full of recipes that cooks of any skill will enjoy trying...."

Discovering a Good Mystery Series, Part 2

I love reading mystery series, and thankfully there are many from which to choose. In fact, when I sat down to write an article about mystery series in August, my list of entertaining and well-written series was substantial. So substantial that I quickly realized that the list would need to be broken into two articles.

An Interview with Mary Laura Philpott: Author Extraordinaire

As a bookseller and book reviewer, I receive countless advance review copies and galleys of books to read and review. The challenge for me is twofold: first, to read as many of them as I can get to for work and publisher commitments and second, to try and read those books that I believe will resonate with me the most.

Twenty-six Years and Counting of Reading and Conversation

This week I decided to feature a local book club. I absolutely love the book club that I belong to (the West U Wonders) and thought it would be fun to interview some members of another book club and learn about their traditions and how they operate.

The Beach House Cookbook by Mary Kay Andrews

This week, Buzz writer Andria Frankfort, who writes the weekly Back Porch Table column, and I decided to collaborate: I review a cookbook, and she chooses a recipe from the book to share.

Celebrity and Other High-Profile Book Clubs

Oprah Winfrey launched her book club in 1996 as a segment on her show. It was a huge success and helped boost the sales of the books she chose; to date, she has chosen 80 books total and her latest selection is Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Grab a Good Book for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the first holiday weekend after the start of school, which is great timing because everyone in my household is ready for the long weekend! An extra day opens up all sorts of possibilities, and we are staying in town and plan to enjoy a mellow weekend.

Discovering a Good Mystery Series

People frequently ask if I can recommend a good book series. I love to recommend mystery series because the progression of the crime-solving and the possibility of threading earlier crimes and events into later stories work well for series writing. They are also appealing because they provide the opportunity to watch characters develop over time, both personally and professionally.

Book to Screen Adaptations: When Are They Successful?

Is the book always better? Movies based on two bestselling books are out this month - The Art of Racing in the Rain and Where'd You Go Bernadette. Cindy Burnett discusses the adaption of books to the big (and small) screen.

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Cindy Burnett, Author at She Reads

Cindy Burnett currently works part time at Murder by the Book, a crime fiction book store in Houston, Texas. She is a voracious reader and book reviewer who administers a bookstagram account, @thoughtsfromapage, where she talks about all things book related.

10 Books that will have you fighting back tears - She Reads

The very best reads provoke strong emotions, both happy and sad, and frequently result in some tears along the way. These are the books that stay with you long after reading them and are the ones that I champion to people over and over again when asked for a book recommendation.

8 Must-read non-fiction books of 2019 - She Reads

2019 is a banner year for outstanding nonfiction including two beautifully written essay collections and two fascinating tales about famous American iconic buildings. Nonfiction is a broad genre, and I tend toward those stories that read less like school textbooks and more like page turners.

11 Mystery series to feed your inner Sherlock Holmes - She Reads

The mystery genre lends itself well to book series. The development of the main and supporting characters, the progression of crime solving and the ability to link prior mysteries with current issues make series writing in the mystery genre a perfect fit.

The top 12 historical fiction books set during World War II - She Reads

Today's thriving historical fiction genre provides readers with an escape from everyday life and a glimpse into a different time period in history. While the entire genre is booming, novels set during World War II are particularly popular; there are many stories still to be told.

13 Must-read historical fiction books of 2019 - She Reads

The appeal of historical fiction is its ability to transport the reader to another time and place while highlighting a little-known or underreported event in history. The genre has flourished in recent years providing a plethora of choices. Here are seven standout books of 2019 that I have enjoyed and six more that are generating...