About Conversations from a Page

Meeting by chance and paired by luck, Cindy and Krista began their years-long friendship separately selected to work together as co-chairs for a school leadership position. What started out as a fulfilling, easy-going, one-time partnership with each bringing unique yet complimentary strengths to the opportunity soon resulted in a successfully rewarding year together for themselves and the school they served. The friendship nurtured and grew to where the two actively (and happily!) sought each other for continued co-chair leadership positions for the next year. It became a fun friendship fact origin story—someone always had a new idea to jump into if the other was game! Working side by side on all these distinct opportunities, Cindy and Krista stumbled upon a common joy for all things reading and book-related as well as a fondness for sharing their time and space with good friends, like their West U Wonders Book Club. In a moment of part inspiration, part revelation and realizing that they could merge these shared interests including Cindy’s passion for bookstagramming, book reviewing and bookselling plus Krista’s enjoyment and satisfaction with welcoming people into her home for warm community and inclusive friendship, Conversations from a Page was born. This marriage of ideas brings together a community of readers with new and established authors alike sharing their current releases in a personal, welcoming, and casual atmosphere where relaxation and conversation take center stage before busy life takes over. 

Together, Cindy and Krista are excited to offer these Conversation from a Page opportunities throughout the year highlighting talent to bring into Houston.

Meet Cindy Burnett

Cindy currently works part time at Murder by the Book, a crime fiction book store in Houston, Texas, and regularly speaks to book clubs and women’s groups about her favorite reads and book suggestions. She is a voracious reader and book reviewer who administers a bookstagram account, @Thoughtsfromapage, where she talks about all things book-related. Cindy Burnett shares her thoughts in her weekly Page Turners column in The Buzz Magazines. As a SheReads.com regular contributor, she writes book articles centered around themes such as historical fiction or mystery series. Cindy also writes book reviews for Bookreporter.com, the New York Journal of Books (nyjournalofbooks.com), and judges the BookLife prize for Publishers Weekly in the summer. In addition to reading, Cindy loves theatre, art, movies, National parks, travel, and hiking in Colorado during the summer.

Meet Krista Hensel

Krista currently can be found in Houston ubering her three kids between school and swim practice. When she isn’t being Mom, she fills her time volunteering and keeping her committees organized at her kids’ school, assistant coaching for the middle and upper school swim teams, keeping her physical therapy license active with continuing ed and trying to find time to swim, spin, and lift weights for fitness (and also so she can eat!), and sometimes training for the elusive open water races that have supplanted triathlons over the past years. A former Div I collegiate swimmer for The University of Kansas, Krista enjoys finding peace by laughing and traveling with her family, chasing the elusive black line on the bottom of the pool, blocking out the noise of the world with a good book in carpool or before crashing at night, and spending precious time with family and friends both new and old whenever she can fit it in.

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